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Alex Kapo Music Lessons

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Learn to sing, play piano, and perform with a working musician/performing artist in a comfortable and judgement free environment.

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12+ years of music education experience

Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst

B.Mus from the University of Toronto’s Jazz music performance program

Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst

Learn in a comfortable and clean home studio.

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treat yourself to a coffee or tea before or during your lesson.

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Lesson are available in-person or online

(located at Lawrence and Avenue Road)

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Your musical journey awaits you

Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst

Lessons are catered to each student’s individual learning style and musical goals.

Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst

Students learn to perform, not conform, by unlocking their own unique voice.

Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst

Learn to perform and feel confident on stage with performance workshops.

Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst

Performances are professionally recorded (audio & video).

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Singing students will discover how to effectively use their voice while performing their favourite songs. They will be instructed in professional singing techniques and approaches to help them uncover their unique sound. Beginners are always welcome!

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Singing and playing the piano in class is one thing, but performing is a whole different experience! Discover how to showcase yourself on stage, master microphone handling, approach the piano bench with confidence, and delve into other essential stage skills.

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Piano students will be guided to learn how to play at their own speed. Lessons are tailored to their favourite songs, popular method books, and popular techniques. Beginners of all levels are encouraged to join!

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Voice Recording Studio

Pop star experience

You have a passion for singing, and the opportunity has come to record in a studio environment! Imagine the thrill of being in the same setting where your favourite artist once recorded their music. This package offers a mix and master of a cover song of your choosing, along with a personalized video for your enjoyment.

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Video Critique

Submit a video of your performance for a review and receive valuable feedback.

Cost: $50.00

Special Offer: Now only $30!

Valuable Feedback

I think Alex’s best quality is that she is actually just a very kind and patient person who tries to get the best out of the student by changing her teaching style to adapt to the personalities of the child rather than force the child to adapt to her regimen. She [Alex] really tailored a program to Grace’s unique needs -


letting Grace decide pieces - sing if she felt like it - learn theory where it made sense to - very fluid and unstructured - and because Grace was happy she has progressed really well and actually enjoys playing piano - it’s more ear training and learning harmonies, etc.

- Jennifer Y.

Alex is amazing! Really talented with awesome music, and on top of that, a great collaborator. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone!

- Dibs (LA Producer)



Lawrence & Avenue Road

Toronto, ON

Tel: (647) 227-8990


Social: @Alexkapomusiclessons